Registration fee NKE 2020

Registration periodPaymentTarif
Before 28 March30 March on our bank account€ 15,-
Before 25 April29 April on our bank account € 20,-
Before 2 May7 May on our bank account € 25,-

If the costs are difficult to pay in an individual case, the registration fee can be reduced
or remitted. Send an e-mail to
Any requests will of course be dealt with discretely.

Change registration
After you have registered, it is possible until 2 May to register for additional competitions, or to cancel specified competitions. This costs nothing extra.
This is no longer possible after 2 May, so not on the day itself! Of course we expect you to participate in all your specified competitions.

Cancellation arrangement
A registration may be canceled without giving reasons by answering the email in which we confirm your registration. If you cancel your registration by 28 March at the latest, we will refund 75% of the amount paid. If you cancel no later than 25 April, we will refund 50% of the amount paid. If you cancel after 25 April, we will not refund any money.

Open championship rules:
“Nederlands Kampioenschap Eenwieleren” (Dutch Unicycling Nationals) is an open championship. This implies that non-Dutch unicyclists may participate. They compete for the medals with the Dutch participants, but they don’t qualify for the title of “Nederlands Kampioen” (Dutch Champion).
Our definition: Dutch is anyone who has a Dutch passport or identity card, and/or lives in the Netherlands. If you register as a Dutch competitor but the organisation doubts whether you really are, we can ask for evidence. We apply a maximum of 25% non-Dutch participants. That is, at least three Dutch participants must have registered before we assign a start number to a non-Dutch participant, at least six Dutch participants must have registered before we assign a start number to another non-Dutch participant, and so on. There is essentially no limit on registration of non-Dutch participants, but they are waitlisted in order of registration, as long as there are not ‘enough’ Dutch registrants.