Corona challenge: who is first in Brussels?

A virtual relay of the men against the women: who is first?

This year's biggest unicycle races (NKE and Unicon) have dropped out, and perhaps that gives you less motivation to go unicycle. Your youth circus or unicycle club is also likely to be closed.
But hey: outside unicycles, or somewhere inside on your own, you can still!

We offer an alternative: a virtual relay from Amsterdam to Brussels, so the capitals of the two countries we focus on. By "virtual" we mean: everyone drives on their own and in their own environment. We add up the distances as if you were driving a piece from Amsterdam to Brussels. The distance
is 222 km according to Google Maps (over bike paths). As you can see from the picture, we have built a special two-lane fast bike path – even at the border between the Netherlands and Belgium you can continu
e. The start is on Saturday 9 May at 10 am, so the moment when the NK Unicycles would be open. The total distances driven by men and women are kept daily on our website, with the names of the participants (but no distance per person). Every meter counts, and you can participate every day! There are no prizes to be won. 🙁

How can you participate? Send an email to in which you put the following
:1. Your name (If you don't want your name on the website, please add it, you will be listed as "Anonymous".)
2. Whether you're a man or a woma
n3. The distance you uni-cycled on that day (other day? please mention the date)
4. How you measured or estimated your dista
nce. More details are not needed, but it is nice for us to read.

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