NK Unicycles don't happen

With pain in our hearts, we made the difficult decision today not to allow the Dutch Unicycling Championship to go ahead on 9 May 2020.

We are very sorry, but we still think this is the most sensible choice, given the corona crisis. We do not think it is justified to organise an event with so many participants under these circumstances, precisely at the epicenter of the outbreak. We hope for your understanding of this difficul

t choice. We will refund the registration fee in full to all registered participants, in the bank account from whi

ch it was paid. We are currently looking at ways to keep the NKE in the summer or autumn, if by then the situation has clearly improved. We hope that we can all come together safely to enjoy the unicycle and enjoy each other. If there is more
known about this, you will of course read it in Unicycle News, and on the website

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